Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Winter 2015 DITL: Friday, January 23rd

Time for my Winter Day in the Life (DITL) post. You can see more DITL posts over at Navigating the Mothership. For the Winter DITL I tried to pick a normal, non-preschool day. I am 33, E is 34, Miss A is 4.5, Little J is 3 and Baby C is 5 months. 

12:29am: Ahhh... sweet baby girl is up already. I feed her and put her back to sleep. Repeat at 3:30 and 5:30am. Sleep is not as good as it was a couple of weeks ago.

7:00am: I should really get up, but I don't really want to. So I watch a little of the CBS Morning News and check social media.

7:30am: I actually get up. I make smoothies for E, myself, and Little J if she's in the mood. The spinach is bad, so banana raspberry today. Super tasty. Love our Ninja. I sit down with my smoothie and make a list for the day. I find a sweet picture of our family that Miss A drew in my notebook.

7:45am: Little J is up. She takes a few minutes to really wake up on the couch. 

8:00am: Little J and I have breakfast. She has Raisin Bran and I have a bagel with cream cheese. Little J steals my notebook and pen to make her own list. 

8:15am: I hear Baby C chatting in the other room, so I get her up and dressed. I love watching her arms come up when I take her out of her swaddle. I also love the changing table area. Baby C is almost always happy up there, giving out all kinds of smiles. After she's dressed we take a quick selfie.

8:15am: Baby C lays on her play mat while I put away dishes and clean up the kitchen a bit.

8:40am: Miss A is up and ready for breakfast. She has Raisin Bran too. I try to get a little computer work done while she eats. I also make our lunches for later. When Miss A is done with breakfast both big girls get dressed.

9:00am: I feed Baby C and let Miss A and Little J watch a little of Daniel Tiger. I put chicken in the Crock Pot for dinner. 

9:30am: We get ready to leave for the gym. It's always a struggle trying to get out the door. Baby C is usually easy. I get her buckled in the car seat and blankets bundled around her. Miss A and Little J need many reminders to get their shoes and coats on.

9:42am: Everyone is in the car, buckled up and ready to go. The fact that it only took 12 minutes to get in the car is pretty impressive. And only two minutes after the time I had hoped to leave.

10:00am: Arrive at the gym. We check in at the front desk and say hi to Miss M. Miss M is at the Y most mornings when we go and she goes to our church. The girls love her, especially Miss A. We head upstairs to check in to Kid Stuff.

10:10ish: I leave Baby C in the baby room, drop Miss A and Little J off in the meeting room and head to Body Pump. Body Pump is crazy today (as it has been most of the month). I'm not totally loving the new release (92) but it's starting to grow on me.

10:55am: I take a break from Body Pump. My shoulder has been bothering me, so I skip the shoulder track today. This gives me a chance to spy on Miss A and Little J in their Little Lotus Yoga class. Friday is our favorite day to go to the gym because there's yoga. Miss A and Little J think they're super cool ;)

11:10am: Body Pump is done and I head down to the fitness center to run on the treadmill. I run a mile and a half while listening to Pop Culture Happy Hour, one of my favorite podcasts.

11:35am: I pick up Miss A and Little J from the activity center. Side note: one thing I love about the Y is the variety of things the girls do while I'm working out. In the hour and a half they were in Kid Stuff they did a craft, played with toys, had a yoga class and ran around like crazy people in the activity center. The three of us head back upstairs to pick up Baby C.

11:45am: The girls and I grab a table and eat lunch. I feed Baby C while we're eating lunch, and chat with some of the other moms having lunch with their kids.

12:30pm: We leave the gym and go to Target, which is conveniently next door. Before we go in to Target I write a few notes about the day and the girls color in their seats. Little J loses her marker cap so I search for the cap. It's the purple cap, Little J's favorite so I give it some effort but I can't figure out where it went.

12:45pm: We go inside Target for what will turn out to be a ridiculously long trip. I saw that Cartwheel had 40% off shoes, so we head to the kid shoe section to see what they have. As we're trying on shoes, Little J says she has to go to the bathroom. We drop everything and head to the restrooms. Then back to the shoes. Do more shopping. Pick out a birthday present for a 3 year old. Little J has to go to the bathroom again (why is it that my girls LOVE public bathrooms???). Back to shopping. Baby C snoozes through the store. We're finally ready to check out after what feels like forever, and just as I'm ready to pay the cash register crashes. I move everything to another register and repeat. The cashier gives Miss A and Little J a bunch of stickers. They become Sticker Mouth and Sticker Fingers. Silly, silly girls.

2:30pm: Finally back in the car. We drive by a new house listing. The house is nothing exciting. Bummer. Little J and Baby C fall asleep so we take a long route home. When we get back to our house I clean up the garage a little bit because the girls are still sleeping.

3:30pm: Baby C wakes up and she's hungry so I take all the girls inside. I feed Baby C and change her diaper. We also watch Peg Plus Cat.

4:00pm: Time to put all of the stuff from Target away. Baby C lays on her play mat again. The big girls and I have a little snack; trail mix and applesauce. Next up, I clean the bathroom. Miss A and Little J play babies in their room. I think they also play preschool too. I fold and put away towels and kid clothes. Miss A helps with her clothes. We wrap Little M's present for tomorrow and make a card because we lost the one we picked out at Target somewhere along our trip. The girls keep coloring after they finish the card. They are all about coloring right now.

5:30pm: I finally get a shower, ha! Baby C hangs out in the bathroom with me and the big girls watch Dora and Friends. After my shower, I shred the chicken and mix taco seasoning (I like this one).

6:00pm: I feed Baby C again. Miss A and Little J are WILD. 

6:30pm: I make quesadillas for Miss A and Little J. Miss A helps take care of Baby C while I'm cooking. Miss A tells her, "you're a delicious baby."

6:45pm: We finally eat. E is going to trial on Monday, so he's stuck at work really late.

7:15pm: After dinner the girls and I play some Frozen games. First Go Fish. E calls and says he's on his way home so I get Miss A ready to go out on her little trip. The girls had sticker charts and because she filled her chart up she gets to go for a special dessert with Daddy.

7:45pm: E is home. He and Miss A leave for their special trip. They go check out a pet store and get frozen yogurt. Little J and I play the Frozen matching game. Little J is really good. She recently beat Miss A and I 13-2-1. When she's paying attention she has a great memory. After the matching game we color and listen to some of her favorite songs, All About That Bass and the Frozen soundtrack. Then she wants to play her dancing game (Just Dance Kids for the Wii).

8:45pm: E and Miss A get home. They bough me some winter boots while they were on their adventure, how sweet! We play the dance game a few more times.

9:00pm: Time to get ready for bed: jammies, teeth and right to bed. Normally we read books before bed, but it is way past their bed time. While I get Miss A and Little J in bed E gives Baby C her night time bottle. After her bottle she goes in her room for bed.

9:10pm: Sit down to watch a little TV with E. I can't remember what we were watching, maybe Dateline or Parks and Rec.

9:15pm: Little J is up. Get her back to bed.

10:00pm: I pump. Not my favorite part of the day, but I only do it once now, so I can't complain too much. When I'm done I brush my teeth and get ready for bed.

10:30pm: We go to bed. E is going to work in the morning, so it's an early Friday night for us. Goodnight!


  1. The girls doing yoga is the most precious thing! I can't even.

  2. Awww, love the husband/wife selfie :)
    Such a late night for everyone! I guess that's why your kids sleep until 8 though. I'm a total early bird (and am passing out well before 10 pm each night even when I'm not preggo), so I guess it's best that my family does everything on the earlier side!
    I commend you on packing in such a busy day. It amazes me that you were out of the house from 9:30 to 3:30 - that alone would exhaust me! Car naps totally stress me out, but it sounds like your kids take actual good naps in the car so that gives you more flexibility. I'm a stickler for nap/rest time at home…probably why my kids WON'T take good naps in the car though. Double edged sword!
    C really is such a "delicious baby." Haha - she so so cute!

  3. Your baby is so so so cute!! And the girls are adorable too, of course - but that baby is just in such a cute baby stage. *Insert squeeee type noise here*

    Isn't it funny how getting the baby in and out of the car is the easy part now but several years ago that was rather challenging? :)

    I always admire how much you get out and about with your kids. I know this day was more ordinary as far as locations but you seem to do so well with bringing them places!

    Thanks for participating!

  4. Your daughters are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I wish my yoga studio had kid yoga, that is awesome. I found a lot of stuff in this post super relatable, especially the "need many reminders to get their coat and shoes on". Sounds like my life!

  5. Seriously, Baby C is just the most perfect, cute baby! Just a little gerber baby. Your gym day sounds actually kind of fun :) That is one reason I'd love working part time, to just have some time to actually work out. I always enjoy classes, but weeknights are NOT going to happen in my life, and our weekends are always so busy!

  6. I too absolutely love that moment when you unswaddle the baby and they put their arms up to stretch! Mine is 4 mos. right now.... growing up way too fast.

  7. Love that your gym has activities like yoga for the kids. I might have to suggest that at my gym.