Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 Week 5

This week was all about Share Bear. Miss A got to bring Share Bear home from preschool, take pictures of her adventures with Share Bear and put the pictures in a book to share with her class. She was very, very excited to have Share Bear. She's been talking about what she might want to do with Share Bear since September, so it was a very big deal that he was finally at our house. The first few days he went everywhere with her, but on Saturday Miss A and Little J went on an adventure with Daddy to the Mall of America (rides, mini golf, lunch and a movie... big day!) and Miss A forgot him at home. Oops!

Thankfully we did remember to take Share Bear ice skating with us. My friend, Miss K met up with us for Miss A and Little J's first time ice skating. Miss A LOVED it. She took to it really quickly, and was so proud of herself for learning to skate. It was so fun to watch. Little J tried for a bit, but got frustrated and asked to put her boots on after about 15 minutes. I got her to try skating a little later, but she was much happier after she put her boots on and could keep up with Miss A. I'm guessing another year and she'll be much more interested.

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  1. Ah, I remember taking home Share Bears (or similar) when I was in school as a kid. Definitely a special memory for your girls. :) Great pictures!