Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Week 4

I recently saw a photo challenge (I can't remember exactly where) with the prompt, "tackling a challenge." This week E helped Miss A tackle the challenge of zipping her coat. It has been awesome to watch her focus to get it done, and SO HELPFUL that she can zip her own coat when we're getting ready to go in the morning. Way to go Miss A!

We also had a nice winter warm up this week which means I have been pushing the kids out the door as much as possible. Honestly, I do not like being outside in the winter so I haven't been the best about getting the girls outside. It's going to be one of my February goals to get them outside more. Anyway, it has been warm enough the past couple weeks for me to enjoy being outside so we've gone for walks, had a couple of winter fires and even some snowball fights.

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