Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snapshot Four

Recently, Miss A has started a pre-nap routine of wanting to make her bed.  Her bed is full of stuff, all the time.  Miss A is very particular about where everything needs to go.

To make her bed, Miss A clears everything off.  Then it's my job to help her get each of her blankets back on her bed, and straight.  Next she gets her books, miscellaneous toys and stuffed animals arranged in the appropriate places.  One day last week, after everything was just right, Miss A called me back to take a picture of her with "her guys."  Lamby is her current favorite, in large part due to Doc McStuffins having a Lamby too.  Even my bison has made it's way into Miss A's bed.  Not sure exactly how that one happened.


  1. Love that Bucky the Badger has a place on the bed too!!

    1. I grew up near Madison, so there are lots of Badger fans in my family who make sure the girls get plenty of Badger gear, even though E and I are Gophers!