Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Here Kitty, Kitty

A conversation from earlier this month, sitting at our dining room table

Miss A:  Mommy, I think I'm allergic to some kitties.

Me:  What does allergic mean?

Miss A:  My nose gets all stuffed up.

Me:  Which kitties do you think you're allergic to.

Miss A:  That one.

Little J: Meow.  Meow.

I've mentioned before that Little J seems to think she's part kitty.  She frequently meows to let me know she's awake after nap time, in response to being told no, or any other time she deems appropriate to crawl around meowing.  It's pretty cute (most of the time).

When Miss A first started talking to me, I was actually a little concerned that she really thought she was allergic to kitties.  We had just spent some time at my dad's house for Christmas, where there are many kitties.  I was quite relieved to find out the problem was just her little sister.


  1. LOL. Such a cute story. I also love the new look of the blog!!

    1. Thanks Katie!

      You really can't make up the things that come out of their mouths :)