Monday, February 10, 2014

The First Trimester, Round 3

I should say to start that this post is not very positive.  I wrote this throughout my first trimester which was not a very enjoyable time.  Don't get me wrong, I am extremely excited to be pregnant again.  I love my job as Mom, and I can't wait to have another baby in our family.  I know many people would love to be pregnant and feeling all that goes along with pregnancy, but I wanted to post my thoughts on the first trimester as it was happening (that I may or may not pull out when baby is older and I need her/him to take care of me).

So, remember back in December and January when I barely posted?  Yeah, turns out the first trimester with baby 3 is just as crazy as with babies 1 and 2.  I felt good for about the first week after finding out I was pregnant, then BAM!  Morning All day sickness and SO tired.

I don't think my sleepiness has been helped by the crazy cold winter we're having.  I want to be curled up under a blanket at all times.  Seriously, school was just cancelled for Monday due to the unprecedented cold.  I think the forecast is calling for a high of -13.  Not cool.

As far as food goes, most things are out for now.  There is very little that looks or sounds appealing.  When I do eat, I'm taking in a lot of carbs... bagels, crackers, breadsticks, pasta.  

Sweets are especially low on my list of things to eat.  I normally have no self control when it comes to holiday snacks, but as I was baking for Christmas this year, I wasn't able to eat a single cookie.  It was really sad (and proof to E of how sick I'm really feeling).  One sweet treat I have been loving is Coco Puffs.  I could eat Coco Puffs for every meal.  I bought a bag about the size of Little J yesterday.  Miss A is enjoying that craving with me.

I know that it's okay for me to give myself a break right now because I have a legit reason to be a little lazy, but I've also been experiencing some crazy Mommy guilt.  I was not very fun in the lead up to Christmas.  I have not had a lot of patience with Miss A and Little J.  Our house... is a crazy mess.

But, at almost 10 weeks now, I'm feeling a lot better (I thought I was feeling a lot better, then I went back to work and realized I still feel like I got hit by a truck most days).  I had a week and a half off for winter break, and I took advantage of that time to sleep in and take care of myself.  I spent a very large percentage of my time off in my pajamas, and the girls and for the most part the girls and I just chilled.

I'm trying to keep up with some sort of exercise, but 30 minutes on the elliptical is about as long as I can make it, and it's a slow 30 minutes.  I remember things being about the same during my first trimester when I was pregnant with Miss A, but I was able to do more after the fatigue lessened.  I'm hoping for the same this time.

The most frustrating part through this is that through most of this, nobody knows (for sure... most of my family suspects) that I'm pregnant.  Of course I told my mom, Heather and a few other close friends (we went to a small New Year's Eve party, so we decided to share the news instead of try to hide it).  Work is the worst.  I've been actively avoiding some of my closest work friends because I feel icky all the time.  Soon now though!


  1. Congratulations! So excited for you guys!

  2. So happy you are feeling a little better. Coco Puffs seem like a craving I can get behind ;) xoxo