Monday, October 21, 2013

You Rock! Treats

I love Pinterest.  For years I was reading blogs and finding so many cool ideas, but didn’t have a great way to save those ideas for later use.  So Pinterest was a pretty perfect fit for me.  I love scrolling through beautiful photos with recipes, projects, decorating ideas, etc.  I have many, many boards with many, many ideas.  It’s a happy place for me.

I know for some people Pinterest can get a little overwhelming.  There are some super rock stars out there who create AMAZING recipes and projects and have decorated gorgeous homes.  It can feel like too much.

My goal is not to compete with the pins I see.  Instead I try to take the awesome ideas I pin and use them as inspiration for my own projects.  I’d rather do something than not try just because it won’t be perfect.

I’ve seen a lot of really cute printable tags to go along with candy. Like this.  I’m not a designer, so pretty printables are not something I’m going to do.  What I can do is use paper and ribbon to make handwritten tags to share a fun treat with some of my rock star co-workers in the middle of a long conference week.


  1. SO CUTE. totally stealing this for work friends, myself.

  2. I am also totally stealing this - so cute!!