Friday, October 25, 2013

Sunday Run

I'm writing this Sunday night, at the end of a 4 day weekend.  I loved having 2 extra days off of work this week.  It really was great.  But even though I technically had 4 days off, I brought home a stack of papers to grade and new materials to read, I had 4 photo sessions (including a group of 16) and we had family in town.  So the 4 days were still full.  Yes, I got time to relax, but I also worked a lot.

So this evening, while E was headed out with the girls for a quick trip, I got ready to go for a run.  This was my first run in a week, so I was kind of anxious to get out, even though it was cold and wet.  As I ran a frequent 2 mile route, I was thinking about running.  About how, over the past year and half, I've made running a part of my routine.  How it has been great to help me get fit after having Little J, relieve stress during the school year and get my days off to a good start in the summer.  How, 2 years ago, there's no way you would have me outside in this weather, much less running.

My phone died as I was getting close to the house, but it wasn't a big deal because I was already over the 2 miles I had hoped to fit in.  My plan was to go home and start dinner so it would be ready when E and the girls got home.  But, as I got to the house, I found that the door I thought I had left unlocked was actually locked and the lock box we normally keep outside with an extra key was in the kitchen.  I was stuck.  No phone, no key in the cold and rain.

I could have gotten really cranky.  I could have let this problem add to the stress I was already feeling about Monday morning.  Instead, I made one healthy choice (thanks, Heather).  I knocked on the neighbor's door and borrowed their phone to call E and left a quick message letting him know what happened.  Then I headed back out to run.  I didn't run far, just a little over a mile (my best guess), but it was making a good choice.  A good choice for my body, and a good choice for my mind.  When I got home again, I wasn't cranky.  I was refreshed, and ready to tackle the rest of my Sunday night to do list.


  1. i love this post, your attitude, and that gorgeuos path photo. Thanks for the shout out, too! :D WAY TO GO keeping your mind in the right place and adding another mile, my friend. DOUBLE HIGH FIVES. (also, I miss you.)

  2. Way to keep a positive outlook! I locked myself out of the house like that once... It is such a dreadful feelig!

    1. Thanks! It was the second time in less than a week I did it too. The first time I ended up crawling in through the window :)