Monday, October 14, 2013

Embrace the Camera

Looking for new sunglasses at Target.
Under the Sycamore is one of my very favorite blogs.  I love Ashley's photos so very much, as well as the stories she shares about her 5 little ones.  Last week Ashley posted about Embrace the Camera, a week long challenge to get in your family photos.  I decided I needed to take part.
Our funny faces, per Miss A's request
I take a lot of photos.  I mean really, a. lot. of. photos.  E jokes that there were more photos of A from her first 6 months than of him in 30 years.  He may be right about that.  I love photos.  I love that looking at old photos can take me back in time.  But as I look through the thousands of photos I have of the girls, I know there are many more photos with Daddy than with Mommy.  I try to remember to hand the camera over, but I like to take the photos.  And even when I do hand the camera over to E, I am critical of how I look.  Even though I know I'm being overly critical, I still do it.
Decorating cards with Miss A
Bedtime snuggles & stories
I saw a mime on Facebook a few months ago that said something like, "I wish I were as fat now as I was the first time I thought I was fat."  It made me laugh.  I can remember sitting at my mom's house with one of my best friends in middle school complaining about how big our thighs were.  Seriously.  We were tiny (and now I think we were crazy).  What were we thinking?
Getting ready for a family photo shoot

So last week was a start.  I intentionally got in photos each day.  Even when I didn't love how I looked.  Even when I had crazy hair.  Even when I was tired.  Every day I was in (mostly selfie) photos of with my girls.  Most that I wouldn't have taken, and definitely wouldn't have posted if it weren't for Embrace the Camera.  So ladies... especially moms... get yourself in some family photos!  Now!


  1. This is such a cool project. I LOVE that photo of you decorating cards, and the funny faces with Miss A is adorable, too!

    I'm the same way with the camera. I love taking photos, but am not a fan of people taking photos of me!

  2. LOVE this project and that you participated. i remember us discussing this in years past and I love all the shots of every day life with you and A and J!