Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Twosday Four

Fall Nature Walk Spots
  1. Dodge Nature Center
  2. North Valley Park in Inver Grove Heights

Fall Crafts Completed

  1. Candle Vase Project (Inspired by Katie)
  2. Leaf Wreath (Inspired by this pin)

No Sew Halloween Costumes Made Last Week

  1. Lion
  2. Bad Witch (Miss A wants to be very clear, she is not a good witch, she is a bad witch)
Parties Attended Last Saturday

  1. Halloween Party hosted by the C family.  The little ones ran around, played Halloween bingo, ate pizza went on a Trick or Treat Trail, collecting lots of candy.
  2. Masquerade Ball to celebrate our friends' 10th anniversary.  Nana and Papa were nice enough to join us for the Halloween Party, then take the kids home so E and I could go to the grown up party.  We changed in to fancy clothes, put on our masks and joined friends for drinks and dancing.

Favorite Songs We Danced To 
  1. What Does the Fox Say?  What can I say... I teach middle school.  Also, have you seen this funny shirt to go with the song?
  2. Don't Stop Believin' because really, who doesn't like a little Journey?

Other Fun Weekend Activities

  1. Picking out our pumpkins.
  2. Shopping trip to Ikea with my mom.

Ways I'm Trying to Keep Stress in Check

  1. Getting outside.  I'm trying to keep running even though the weather got a lot cooler last week.  On days I can't run, I'm trying to get outside with the girls, even if only for 10 minutes.
  2. Get my freggies.  My Ninja Ultima Blender has been SO helpful for this.  I've been taking a frozen green smoothie to work every day to have as a morning snack.  More to come on my Ninja soon!

Ways I Treated Myself Last Week

  1. McDonald's for lunch.  I know this seems to go against the last thing I mentioned, but I worked at McDonald's through high school, and it's serious comfort food.  One of my coworkers was having a rough day, and shares my fondness for McDonald's, so I made a quick trip during my prep to help us through the afternoon.
  2. Met a friend for coffee at Parka.  I hadn't seen this friend in a couple of months, so it was really nice to meet up and catch up.  It was also nice to sit and relax without my girls (I love them, but the break was good too).  Plus we got to check out Forage Modern Workshop, which was really cool.

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