Friday, September 27, 2013

Apple! Apple!

We woke up Saturday to a cool, crisp fall morning.  A perfect time to get started on our fall fun list!  First up, a trip to the apple orchard.  We enjoyed our morning checking out the orchard, going for a wagon ride and using the great setting for a few cute kid pictures.  

The girls loved seeing all of the apples on the trees.  On our wagon ride Little J kept yelling, "Apple! Apple!"  She still has that babyish sounding, adorably cute little voice (not that she can't also squeal with the best of them).   I should have done a little more research before our trip though, because I didn't realize we wouldn't be able to actually pick any apples.  Kind of a let down.  We also probably would have waited until later in the day when more activities started.  Luckily I found an invitation to an apple picking party at a neighbor's house in our mailbox this morning, so it looks like we'll get to pick some apples after all.