Saturday, July 27, 2013

20 Months

On Thursday, Little J reached 20 months old.  Not a major milestone by most accounts, but it was a really big deal to me.  You see, Little J was born the day Miss A reached that same age.  It is crazy for me to imagine Little J being a big sister right now (which, she is not, just for the record).  I still call her baby far more than I should, but in so many ways she is still my baby.  She still snuggles me (when she's willing to sit still), still loves the Ergo (or baby backpack as we call it), still wants her mommy.  I just remember  Miss A seeming so much older at 20 months.  I know that much of her seeming older was because we were expecting a new baby, but still, it feels crazy.

But, in many more ways Little J really isn't a baby anymore.  She's running (away from me!), and trying to jump. She's climbing. She's talking. She's starting to string together 2 and 3 word phrases.  Her favorites, besides just saying, "No!" are "I do it," followed by "I did it!" She's even starting to show an interest in the toilet.  
My little girl has her own personality. She's very opinionated.  If she doesn't like what we give her to eat, she throws it. If she doesn't like what other kids are doing, she tells them, "NO!"  Especially if it's Miss A.  She can hold her own in  a battle with her big sister.  She can throw a fit.  But she will also smile and stomp her feet in excitement when she does something new.  She gives the sweetest hugs and kisses.    
Happy 20 months Little J! We love having you as our baby :)

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