Tuesday, April 2, 2013

J Turned 1... a few months ago

So, Baby J reached that 12 month mark back in the end of November.  It is CRAZY to think that she is already well past 1.  At 1, she was, in many ways, much more baby and less baby than I remember Little A being (possibly because I found out just a few days later that Baby J was on her way).  
Baby J's biggest achievement between 11 and 12 months was learning to walk!  She took her first little step in early November, and has only gotten faster since then.  Being able to walk has made it MUCH easier to chase Little A, one of Baby J's very favorite things to do.  
This isn't the most thorough update, but here's what I wrote as a short description of Baby J in her baby book at 12 months, "You are so happy.  You're curious and smart.  You are very active.  You love to watch the big kids and try to play.  You like to take things out, put them away and deliver things to us."

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