Thursday, April 18, 2013

Big Girl!

I still call Little J my baby.  I greet her, "Hi, Baby!" when I pick her up from day care every day.  When Miss A was the same age, I saw her as more of a big girl.  Which is funny, because Little J is so much more active.  But the time has passed by so quickly... so unbelievably crazily quickly, and Little J is not really a baby anymore.  She's a real toddler.

Little J is still such a sweet, sweet girl.  She likes to be by us, watching everything that Mommy, Daddy and especially Miss A do.  She tries to keep up.  She loves to cook in the play kitchen (and try to climb inside the oven).  She's also a good helper.  She loves to help clean up.  At Miss A's birthday party, she spilled some milk, got a towel and started scrubbing the floor.  I hope this continues as she grows!
Though Little J loves to be with us, she will also wander off to play by herself.  Her favorite toys are her babies.  How she loves to hold and rock and feed her babies.  

Oh, my sweet, silly girl.  Stay little just a bit longer.

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