Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And then I had a 3 year old

So, just four months after my baby turned one, my little girl turned 3.  How could it possibly have been 3 years since I became a mom?  Craziness! 
On Miss A's birthday, we took Little J to day care so Miss A could have a special day with Mommy and Daddy.  Miss A doesn't remember what it was like to not have Little J around, so she was a little thrown off at first by having time with just Mommy and Daddy.  But, I think she really loved all the extra attention.

We took Miss A to pick out her birthday present... a big girl bike!  She picked a very fancy princess bike and a princess helmet to go with it (not a big surprise... she's VERY in to princesses right now).  Then we had a fun lunch at Mickey's Dinner and spent some time and the Minnesota Children's Museum.  An extra bonus at the museum right now, one of the special exhibits is Dora and Diego!

Little Miss A may have been a little spoiled over the days leading up to and the day of her 3rd birthday, so we saw some glimpses of 3 year old fits.  Not cool.  But she was pretty sweet over my spring break, as was Little J, so I'm starting to count down the days to summer!

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