Thursday, July 26, 2012

8 Months

My little lady is now 8 months old, and now she's on the move.  She started crawling just a few days ago.  Eric had been saying she was crawling for a couple of weeks, but on Saturday she really crawled across a room.   Before, she was finding ways to get around, but not what I would call crawling.  Now... she's got it down.  She's still slow, and I think sometimes forgets about her new skill, but I bet a week from now she'll be exploring the whole house (and getting in to all of big sister's stuff)!  She also (finally) rolled over from her tummy to her back this month.  Silly girl took her time hitting that milestone.  
 We are continually seeing more of Baby J's personality come out.  She's still a sweet, happy girl, but we catch some glimpses of mischief in her eyes, especially now that she's mobile.  She's still going through some separation anxiety, but she can chase me now, which seems to make her a little happier.  She's also starting to make claims to certain toys and other objects.  We used to be able to exchange the toy she had for another, but if we take something away from her now, she'll voice her displeasure. 
This month she's been eating a lot more.  I'm not sure who she got this from, but she loves green veggies the most.  She'll tolerate the orange veggies most days, but she doesn't care for fruit.  She still doesn't have any teeth, so I feel a little restricted on what solid foods we can give her, but I did let her chew on some watermelon and cucumber.  She liked both of those.  We've also been giving her puffs when we eat to keep her busy.  More and more of them make it to her mouth every day.
Baby J is loving the summer.  We've spent a few days at the beach, which she thinks is great.  She likes to splash in the water and eat the sand.  In general, she loves being outside.  She'll play on the deck and be content to just be outside while we work on outside projects.  She's also loving her stacking cup toys, blocks and anything of Little A's that she can get her hands on.   

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