Monday, July 16, 2012

For You

Last night, after a long day at the beach, E, the girls and I spent some time relaxing on our deck.  As we were sitting and talking, Little A ran up to us and told us she needed to go inside.  We asked why, and she said, "I have a very special present for you."*  She went inside, and returned a little later with one of her gold jelly shoes.  A lovely shoe, but E and I looked at each other a little confused about how that was a present for either of us.  She then told us, I have to get it out."  She unbuckled her shoe, and reached in.  She walked over to E, pinched two fingers inside her shoe, and handed him a butterfly, then came over to give me my butterfly, and finally one for Baby J. 

There are times in the day that she starts to drive me crazy with her 2 year old energy, but this was about the sweetest thing!

*These are really the words she uses.  She has a big vocabulary, and she strings together some long sentences!

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