Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby J is 7 Months

 Look at my big baby girl. Sitting is no problem for Baby J.  In fact, I think she's thinking hard about crawling.  Baby J will reach so far out in front of her to get toys that have rolled away, and then manages to get back in to that sitting position.  Now, if Little A leaves her toys out, Baby J finds a way to get to them... and put them in her mouth.  Everything goes to her mouth.  And she tries to get the entire object in her mouth.  Sometimes she'll start to cry because she can't eat the whole thing.  Silly girl.
Baby J still gives out lots of gummy smiles... still no teeth in there.  She is still a happy baby most of the time.  She has a cute squealing laugh when she gets really excited.  She loves to play with her big sister!  Little A is good with her for the most part, but now that Baby J is more active, she gets a little rough sometimes.  One day while they were playing, Baby J managed to knock Little A down.. twice.  E and I had to laugh.

One of our new games with Baby J is to blow raspberries at her.  She tries so hard to copy.  Sometimes she's successful, but most of the time her tongue gets in the way.  Either way, super cute!
This month we've also seen the start of some separation anxiety.  She has days where she gets really upset if Mommy leaves the room, and sometimes cries if she even gets put down.  One day I tried to play peek-a-boo with Baby J and it led to tears. 

She's also not sleeping through the night yet.  She goes to sleep around 9, then wakes up most nights between 2 and 3 to eat.  She goes right back to sleep, and is up again most mornings between 6 and 6:30.  During the day she normally takes about three naps; one short nap in the morning, about an hour around noon, and another late afternoon or evening nap for half an hour to an hour (and pretty much any time we ride in the car). 

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