Sunday, August 5, 2012

Toddler (& Baby) Activity: Paint the Deck

One of Little A's current favorite activities is painting.  Given a choice of what to do, it's very often her suggestion.  So one day last week when Little A asked to paint, I set both Little A and Baby J up to paint the deck.  2 paint brushes and 2 plastic cups and they were entertained for about a half an hour (which is a pretty long time in toddler terms). 

After painting the deck lost its appeal, Little A moved on to painting Baby J.  Both girls thought that was very hilarious!
Notes: We stained our deck earlier this summer, so the water just kind of beaded up.  It made painting a little less exciting for me, but the girls didn't seem to mind at all.  Also, when E built our deck, he added a gate with a latch (that Little A still hasn't figured out).  That makes for the perfect outdoor space for the girls to play.

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