Wednesday, June 9, 2010


See my sweet baby girl, all happy and ready for bed? She made Mommy's day by sleeping 8 hours on Monday night, and after I nursed her, fell right back to sleep for a couple more. Sleeping in is what rainy days are made for, right?

When we eventually got up, I had a very productive day with a very happy baby.

Then came bedtime Tuesday night. Baby A had a big bottle, and we decided to try having Baby A sleep in her own room. So we swaddled her up, turned on the monitor and headed to our own room. Baby A was making the sweetest little noises, singing along to her Rockabye Baby Journey CD perhaps? By the time I fell asleep, she was quiet, and I felt good about her sleeping in her bed. I figured that her room staying darker than ours would help her sleep longer every night.

As you may have guessed by now, that is not what happened. A little before 2am I woke up to baby noise on the monitor. I went downstairs to check on her, and found that she had managed to get her legs out of the swaddler we had her wrapped up in. So I tucked her legs back in and decided to bring her upstairs for the rest of the night. 2:30am she was making noise again, so I found her pacifier. 2:45am, she was still making noise so I went to give her the pacifier back, and found that she had gotten her arms out of the swaddler. So I took her downstairs, nursed her a little, and tied her up tight in the swaddler to try for bed again. She slept until about 6:30am. I am one tired lady today (even after napping with her later in the morning).

Tonight, we try again to make the move, hopefully with better results.
Note: I can't really complain about this too much, because Baby A is normally sleeping about 6 hours a night. I know some babies at her age still wake up several times each night. I feel pretty lucky to have such an easy baby.

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  1. 8 hours in a row? Sounds dreamy. My 3 month old is doing 6 hours every night (hooray!) but I'm waiting very impatiently for him to drop his 2 am feeding.