Monday, June 28, 2010

3 Months

Baby A is not a newborn anymore. And nothing showed me how much she's grown like visiting Baby E in the hospital last Thursday night (Congrats K & S... Baby E came on their 3 year anniversary!). It was amazing to see the difference that 3 months make!

My little girl is alert so much now... there are lots of smiles to go around. We even got a little laugh on night walking around the lake. Just see how she loves (one of) her bison. E just called from work to say how much he loves this picture!

She's also babbling like crazy! One of our favorite times of day with her is right before bed. E gives her a bottle, then wraps her up and puts her in the pack-n-play (we decided we're not quite ready to move her to her room yet) and she talks to the elephant heads that hang above it. Sometimes she has to yell at them, but mostly it's happy chatter. It's such a sweet sound to hear before bed.

Then, on her 3 month birthday, she rolled herself over from her back to her tummy. She has only gotten over once, and it took about 10 minutes to get the arm out, but she did it! I was so glad that E and I were both there to see it. I am thinking I need to be much more careful about where I leave her now though.

Baby A is in pretty much all 6 month clothes now (and I hope she stays there for awhile). She sleeps for at least 6 hours a night, but most of the time it's 7 or 8 hours (oh, how much mommy loves that!). We still haven't figured out what our nickname for Annabelle will be, but we call her lots of other names... princess, honey bunny or honey bun, bunny and many others mixed in.


  1. :) most gorgeous baby in the whole wide world. Miss Heather sends her love.

  2. She really is adorable. seriously.