Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Few Firsts...

The past couple of weeks have been very busy here. Lots of firsts for Baby A...

A trip away. We went to St. Louis via Lodi. This trip included Baby A's first brewery tour (I know, good parenting, right?) and first trip to the zoo. St. Louis has a fabulous free zoo. Zoos are a big hit with me generally, but the St. Louis Zoo is especially fun!
A first birthday party for our friend's daughter. I'm amazed that a year has gone by since little E was born. So much has changed in 12 short months! It was fun to celebrate this big event.

A wedding. E and I went to celebrate his friend's wedding. A Jewish ceremony which was a first for both E and I. Everything was beautiful, and the reception was in an old library... such a nice venue. It was also the first time E and I went somewhere without Baby A. Admittedly, it was hard on me to leave her, but nice to spend time with my husband too. We stayed in touch with E's friends who were babysitting with the Blackberry, and they were sweet enough to even send us a few pictures. Very reassuring to a nervous mama.

A visit home. The morning after the wedding, Baby A and I got up early to head back to Wisconsin so I could introduce Baby A to my best friend, Heather (more on that soon).

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  1. you guys have been so busy! i am so grateful you made the trip down to see me!! also - just realized we never got a photo of us together! Next time, FOR SURE!!! (and a few of the 3 of us, as well!! )

    missing you!