Thursday, June 17, 2010

Busy Bees

I know I have been bad at blogging for the past few weeks, but we have been busy bees around here.
The end of the school year snuck up on us, and while I haven't been teaching since Baby A was born, my position was cut at school so I had to pack up my stuff and move. I found out about the position cut back in February, but being preggo and having other priorities, I chose to leave my things at school until the end of the year. So, when the last days of the year were upon us, I had to pack up Baby A and head out to the school to gather my things. It was a little hard for me to pack things up this year. I currently don't have a job, and don't know if I will be returning in the fall. It is weird to think fall may come and I may not be in school. I can't remember the last time that happened.
On a more fun note, the end of the school year means many of my friends, also teachers, have much more free time to play with Baby A and me. That makes me very happy. And my good friend K is finally back from almost a year in India. She gets to meet Baby A for the first time tomorrow and we are all very excited!

We are also preparing the house for Baby A's baptism next weekend. We have 22 family members plus a few friends who will be celebraing with us, and we want our house to look its best, because many of our family members don't get up to MSP very often. So, we are finally tackling many projects that have been put off for days, months years...
Last weekend it was really rainy, so we cleaned, painted and started organizing the basement (even the "scary room"). There's still a lot to do, but it looks so much better already! I've also been trying to get some decorations up around the house, especially our bedroom. We painted back in November, but as soon as that was done, we turned our attention to Baby A's nursery.
Here's what I had on our shelves:
And here's what they look like now. Still not completely done, but I think it is looking much better. And, the only new things are the plants. Everything else, even the containers for the plants was found around our house. Our room definitley feels more cozy now.
And finally, as if the previous items weren't keeping me busy enough, I have a wonderful baby girl to hang out with! She babbles like crazy now, which is so adorable for me and E. We love listening to her chat with the elephants that hang over her pack-n-play before she falls asleep at night. And look at her little fishy face wearing her fishy shirt... too cute!


  1. Sorry to read about your job loss. "When the Lord closes a door, there is a window open somewhere..." (name that quote!) Hopefully you can find that window! I love the books in color order!

  2. loving that little fishy! and the shelves look SO GOOD! painting them that way was a GREAT IDEA! (if this is what i think it is...which im sure it is.)

    really excited for K to meet Baby A. :) hugs to all! xoxo