Thursday, August 6, 2015

52 Weeks: July Wrap Up

I've said it before, but we really love our neighborhood. This summer has been especially fun with all of the little girls running around together all day, most days. Some of the other parents made this awesome bike wash for the kids to play in. I haven't seen any bikes washed yet, but the kids sure do love to run through it!

Little J said this was her mask. She's been really in to The Incredibles lately.

Baby C cheering on the big girls from a safe spot in the grass.

Another big hit this summer has been lemonade stands. We don't live on a very busy street, so business tends to be slow. The girls are happy to drink the product. After some questionable customer service decisions last summer, I gave the girls special cups to drink out of so their cups wouldn't accidentally be passed on to a customer. They think they're extra big and cool with their coffee cups.

More water and drinks, this time from the hose. E likes to teach the kids new skills. And spray them with the hose.

The girls don't let a little rain stop them from playing outside. Just add rain boots and umbrellas, and playing outside is still fun.

And while the big girls are out running wild, it's nice to sneak some baby snuggles.

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