Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Miss A's First Day!

Miss A started preschool this week! She's been really excited to start school, telling everyone we see about her new school. The report I managed to get out of her about the first day was that they played outside, read a story that we have at home, and she made two new friends (but she didn't ask them their names). Her teacher sends out a much more detailed report of what they did each day, which has already been very helpful for talking to Miss A about her day.

Miss A is normally very outgoing, and will talk to anyone. When we went in for her open house last week she was SO shy. As in, she wouldn't make eye contact with her teacher or say hi. So weird for my chatty girl. I'm thinking it may have been overwhelming to be in a new place, with so many new people (teachers, classmates, parents, siblings). The first day seemed to go a lot better, though she was still pretty shy going in to class.  I'm guessing it will get better as she gets more and more comfortable at school.

We decided keep preschool pretty low key this year. Miss A is going two days a week for two and a half hours each time. I think it will be nice for her to have some time at school with other kids. It was nice to give Little J a little more individual attention this morning while Miss A was gone.  We ran to Home Depot for a few things, got donuts, and played at the park.  Note to self, I'm a little too old/big for the tire swing.

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