Friday, July 31, 2015

52 Weeks: June Wrap Up

I have been keeping up with taking photos each week this summer, but editing and posting... not so much. So instead of going week by week for the summer, I'm just going to do some bigger posts.

Honestly, as we approach August (seriously, how!?) I've been feeling a little guilty about our lack of summer fun compared to previous summers. We haven't been doing as many big outings or play dates, but looking through these pictures helps remind me that we have had a lot of fun enjoying the warm summer days, just in a different way than previous years. Miss A and Little J have had so much fun running wild with the neighbor girls and Baby C likes to watch them play.

Baby C loves the wagon!
Caterpillars were the best entertainment in June.

Painting party for Miss L.
Miss A wants to be an artist when she grows up, so this party was heaven for her!
Building a fort with the boys.

Little J's favorite color is purple so she loooved this vine while it bloomed!

Baby eating watermelon = all the heart eyes!

Franconia Sculpture Garden- so cool!

Happy Father's Day!

Helping to feed Baby C is really exciting!

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  1. so much fun in one summer!!! These photos are SO GREAT. The purple! The art! THE WATERMELON!!!!