Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Preschool Graduation

Last week Miss A finished up her year of preschool. First thing when we walked in to school, Miss A's best preschool buddy, Miss M ran up to her and grabbed her hand. They were so cute walking around together holding hands, and continuing to hold hands sitting on their circle time rug. It was so sweet to see how much their friendship has grown over the past nine months. I know next year will bring new adventures and new friends, but it's a little sad that so many of Miss A's preschool friends will be going to different schools next year. 

We went back to preschool later that night for Miss A's preschool "graduation." Her class sang a few songs (including the alphabet song while signing the alphabet) and then everyone had ice cream. Miss A and Little J ran around playing games with some kids from her class and then it was time to leave. As we were leaving Miss A broke down. So many tears. She was sad to be leaving her school. Her teachers. Her friends. 

When we got home from preschool earlier in the day, I had decided to do a last day of school picture. I wasn't really planning do do first day and last day pictures, but at the last minute I decided it might be a fun comparison shot to have. 

And when I put these two photos side by side, I got tears in my eyes. I was not expecting the change I saw in these photos. Wow! I say it constantly, but I can't believe how much she has grown! I remember how timid and shy she was on the first day of preschool. It was a total surprise to us, but she was nervous about starting preschool. On the last day there was non of that nervousness. There was so much joy. So much excitement to spend the day with her friends, learning and later performing.

In the fall she will go off to kindergarten. It's really, really hard for me to believe that she'll be a "school-ager." I know she's ready. She's so excited. I know she's prepared, and her teachers assure me that she's ready to go. But I'm not totally sure that I'm ready.

So this summer you'll find me here soaking up the last few months with my girl before we send her off to school.

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