Wednesday, May 13, 2015

2015 Week 17

At the end of April we visited E's family for his niece's First Communion. His brother lives on a farm and recently added a bunch of chicks! Miss A and Little J love running around on Uncle M's farm, playing with their cousins and they loved holding the chicks too. 

 Miss A would have her cousin, Miss K get a chick for her, Miss A would hold the chick for three seconds then ask Miss K to find her a different chick to hold. I think she held all 15 chicks at least 3 times.


Now the girls are excited to go back in a few months and get eggs from the chickens. That should make for another fun adventure!

After church on Sunday I had to get a picture of the five of us while we were all looking nice.

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  1. the SWEETEST! and i love that photo of the 5 of you :)