Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Baby C: 5 Months

And now to get caught up. Sweet Baby C is 5 months old. She was baptized, celebrated her first Christmas and had her first cold. A busy month for all of us!

Personality: I can't say it enough, Baby C is the most content baby! She's very sweet and content most of the time. She's been smiling, laughing, squealing and making some strange alien sounding noises this month. I also have noticed she'll wake up talking rather than crying (a much better sound).

Likes: I think Baby C's favorite thing right now is E's popping noise. All 3 girls have liked it, but if Baby C is crying and E makes the popping sound, she'll stop right away. E sent me a video of him popping while he was out of town and that video can stop crying too. Awesome! She also likes to eat Daddy's nose. A little strange. The other people who get big smiles are Miss A and Little J. She loves her big sisters. She also giggles so much when we kiss her little cheeks. Baby giggles are the best! I think she's also a little ticklish, because she's started laughing if you tickle her tummy. She also really likes to arch her back/lean back when you're holding her. Silly girl!

Dislikes: Baby girl did not like being sick very much. I think it was hard for her to eat and suck on her pacifier when she was congested. Thankfully she didn't seem to get as sick as the rest of us, and she bounced back pretty quickly. She's still a bit congested a week later, but not too bad. And let's face it, we're probably doomed to be a little sick throughout the winter with three kids.

Sleeping: What a night and day difference! At Baby C's 4 month check up her doctor suggested letting her cry it out for a night. I felt a little guilty about letting my sweet little girl cry, but in total I think she cried about half an hour that first night, and since then, she's only waking up once or maybe twice a night. Occasionally she will wake up earlier, but she settles down again within a few minutes and wakes up to eat someone between 2 and 5am. She goes back to sleep for a few more hours after that. Baby C sleeping better means that I am sleeping better, which makes for a much happier mama. She still doesn't like to sleep flat, so she spends most nights in her swing. We used to leave it in the living room by us, but now when she's ready to sleep she likes to be in the dark to fall asleep (still swaddled and with her pacifier).

Still nursing well, and eating about every 3 hours during the day. Then getting a bottle before bed and sleeping a longer stretch.

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  1. She is just SO CUTE! I can't believe she is 5 months already - SLOW DOWN time!