Sunday, November 9, 2014

Baby C: 3 Months

Here's how Baby C really feels about Mommy getting the camera our for 3 month pictures. Ha!

Personality: At 3 months, Baby C is very chill little girl. She doesn't cry often and when she does she's pretty easily comforted. She's getting more smiley, but she makes you work for those gummy smiles and gets very shy if the camera is out. When she's in a really good mood we're starting to get some squeals and laughs out of her.

Likes: Baby C still likes her swaddle and pacifier. Lately she's also been chewing on her hands a lot. She also likes being outside and looking at the trees, though she was less impressed by playing in the big pile of leaves with her sisters. She likes Daddy growling and watching The Walking Dead. She really seems to like her sisters. Miss A gets the biggest smiles. She's also very smiley on her changing table. It makes changing diapers a whole lot better when I get big smiles. E and I like when she sits and hold her hands. She looks like such a proper little girl.

Dislikes: Baby C doesn't like being left alone in a room when she's awake. If E is sitting with her at night, and gets up to go to the kitchen for a minute, she gets cranky. Same during the day if I leave her in another room.

Sleeping: Baby C was in a good routine of sleeping until 3:30am or later, eating, then sleeping another decent stretch before being awake. It was awesome. The past couple of weeks she's been waking up more, but hopefully she'll go back to the longer stretches soon.

Eating: She's still a good nurser, and eats pretty consistently every three hours during the day. We had a rough week this week as I developed mastitis (technically after 3 months, but close). It was a rough couple of days. I was tired and in a lot of pain, and baby girl didn't want to nurse so there was a lot of pumping and bottles. Miss A and Little J were excited to get to help with bottles, which was the only positive part.

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