Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites: Baby Gear

Today I'm linking up with Katie with some Friday Favorites. I thought I would share a few of my very favorite baby items and a few cute baby photos that I haven't gotten to share yet :)
2 Weeks
I've mentioned that Baby C, even more than her big sisters LOVES to be swaddled. We have swaddled all three girls to sleep for close to the first year. At night we use the I use the Summer Infant Swaddle Me wraps. The newborn swaddle wraps we used with Miss A and Little J were fleece, so I picked up a few cotton ones for Baby C because she was a summer baby. We've been using all of them like crazy over here. I love these for bedtime because the velcro keeps them tight all night. Baby C is starting to outgrow the small size, so I recently picked up a Miracle Blanket. We tried it one night, and it wasn't great, but I think I will like it more when Baby C is bigger. For now I'm sticking with the velcro!

During the day, I use aden and anais swaddle wraps. I use them to wrap up Baby C for naps (or just to keep her happy), to clean her (and me) up when she spits, to cover her up in the sun and anything else I might need them for. We didn't have these for Miss A, but I picked some up before we took Little J to Mexico and they're probably my most used baby item since then. And my go to baby shower gift.

All of my girls have been pacifier babies (although Baby C also seems to really like her hand). We went through a few brands of pacifiers with Miss A before finding one we (well, really she) liked, Avent. The other girls have followed suit, loving the same ones, and not liking others very much.
6 Weeks
So far my favorites are following along with The Happiest Baby on the Block ideas, and the next one does too. We have a bunch of baby seats, but the one that we use the most is our Fischer Price Take Along Swing. It doesn't appear that Target carries anything similar online now, but it is pretty much the most basic swing they had when Miss A was born. I use it all the time. I move it around the main floor as needed. Baby C swings in the bathroom while I shower, in the kitchen while I cook and in the dining room when we eat dinner. She's even swinging now while I finish up this post.

Besides swinging, Baby C also likes to be carried. Before I had kids, I remember my neighbor carrying her younger daughter in a Baby Bjorn a lot. So when we registered, I registered for the same one. I liked it, and carried Miss A in it for a long time when she was a baby. I think I stopped using it when she was about 9 months old, mostly because it was winter and then I was pregnant again. I used it again with Little J, but as she got bigger it hurt my back. I really loved being able to carry her, so I ended up getting and Ergo. Best decision! I love my Ergo. I carried Little J in it until she was close to 2, and might have continued had I not gotten pregnant again. I am using it a lot with Baby C too. We also have a variety of strollers, but I like being able to snuggle her a little while still chasing after her big sisters. I also love that it has a pocket so I can carry a few essentials. Also, if we have a lot of walking to do (like the State Fair) we can keep Miss A and Little J in the double stroller and still have a way to carry Baby C. And I don't get any weird looks pushing a double stroller while wearing another kid ;).
3 Weeks... Our changing table has great light for photos :)
Any baby products you love for yourself or to give as gifts?

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  1. I second your entire list! Except each of my kids have used a different kind of paci. I'm excited to find out if #4 is a girl or boy so I can get new A & A blankets for this new baby. I am so in love with their For the Birds pattern right now :)