Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Baby C: 2 Months

Another month with Baby C has flown by! She's getting bigger by the minute, and cuter too :)

Likes: Being swaddled (yes, Uncle B, she really does like it). Her pacifier. Eating her hands. Being carried in the Ergo. Being outside. Looking at trees.

Her arms being loose when she's trying to rest. Bright light when she's tired. Really, not many dislikes. So far she's a pretty chill baby.

Sleeping: Sleep is going pretty well, even when we mess with her schedule. Most nights she wakes up between 2-3 and then again 3 hours later. Most of the time she'll go back to sleep after her 5-6am wake up, but sometimes she thinks it's time to start the day. I usually disagree. She's given me a couple nights with 7-8 hour stretches of sleep, waking up at 5am for her first feeding. Those nights have been nice, but I'm okay with her continuing to wake up one other time. When Miss A started sleeping through the night I had to wake up and pump in the middle of the night. Feeding the baby sounds far better to me than pumping.

Baby C is still eating about every 3 hours. She's a good little nurser. At night E gives her a bottle before bed, and she will eat 4 to 5 ounces.

Milestones: Legitimate smiles! She's a little stingy with them, but we're seeing more and more all the time. My absolute favorite are big gummy baby smiles! Along with the smiles, she has started cooing. Adorable! Such sweet little conversations she has. She also found her hands and thinks they're extra tasty. Oh, and we took our first trip out of town to visit my family in Wisconsin. She was a trooper, making the 4 hour trip with no major meltdowns and charming everyone.

Stats: Just back from Baby C's 2 month check up (and shots... poor girl was not happy), and she is 13 pounds and 23.25 inches long. She is growing WAY TOO FAST!


  1. She is such a little doll! Sounds like she is doing pretty awesome with sleeping at night - go C!

  2. ooohhh baby shots are no fun. Enjoy the snuggles today!!