Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby J is 5 Months!

One more month has flown by with Baby J.  She is much less of my snuggly little baby each day.  She is SO active.  Those little legs are always kicking, and she's constantly rolling.  She rolls from her back to her tummy and then lets out a little yell to let us know that she doesn't enjoy tummy time.  When she sits with E or me she loves to stand or sit up big to see the action. J at day care says Baby J just wants to be with the big kids.  We've gotten out our exersaucer and borrowed a door jumper so Baby J can really be our little jumping bean (as we like to call her). 
She still has such a happy, easy going personality.  She is so very, very smiley.  I love seeing those happy smiles, especially early in the morning and when I pick her up from day care.  We have seen a few pouty looks come out recently, and you can see her serious face in the picture below, but there aren't too many crying faces, which makes everyone at our house happy.  She's really starting to "talk" to us this month, which is a lovely little sound.
I don't have any official stats on Baby J's height or weight this month, but I can say she's getting bigger all the time.  She's still fitting in most of her 6 month outfits, but they're starting to get a little tight, and a little short.  We moved to size 3 diapers for both day and night.  They're not that much smaller than Little A's (though I remember Little A stayed in the size 3 diapers for about a year, so I'm not too worried that my baby is turning in to a big girl).  

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