Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby J is 4 Months Old!

Quick, before she reaches the 5 month mark, a few updates about my 4 month old, Baby J! First, the stats. At 4 months, Baby J was 14 pounds, 2 ounces! That's a big baby (81st percentile). She was 24.75 inches long and her head was 40.4 centimeters. She's in almost all 6 month clothes, but it seems like even some of those are getting to be too small. (Mommy says, slow down on the growing Baby J! SLOW DOWN!!)

Baby J is still just a sweet baby girl. Daddy and I love to see her big, gummy smiles. We also love how you try to "attack" us when we give you kisses. It's just the sweetest thing!! It's also pretty adorable to listen to you have little chats with yourself.

You had been trying to roll over for a few weeks, and right on your 4 month birthday you finally made it all the way over (and got that silly arm out of your way). We were all very proud of you getting your rollies. I think you're happy you can move a little bit. Her little legs are constantly kicking. Keeping socks and shoes on her is nearly impossible.

I should also mention a few of Baby J's nicknames. We call her just about everything but her full name. Some of our favorites are Jophajean (Little A), Jumping Bean, Phenom, JoJo Bean (Grandpa R), JJ (Papa), Smiley.

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