Friday, October 14, 2011

18 Months

At 18 months Little A has quite the personality. She's stubborn (E says like her mommy). My sweet little baby girl has turned in to a toddler. I have been trying to get a few pictures of her in the green chair for a couple of weeks since Little A officially hit the 18 month mark. This is what happened the first day I tried this week.

We tried again a few later, with a little better results. Little A still had to be bribed with a few extra toys to stay put. The teapot is one of her favorite toys. She likes to have little tea parties, dance to the teapot's music and eat her "cake." She also likes to put things on her arm like a purse and tell us, "bye bye," and talk on her phone. At day care last week they made paper phones, and Little A carried it around saying, "hello" (which sounds more like "hewow" when she says it).

Little A's vocabulary is growing so quickly. I think she adds at least a word every day. When we read books she is constantly pointing at the pictures and naming the things she sees. She doesn't know a lot of animal names yet, but she's good with animal sounds. She knows moo (cow), baa (sheep), arf (puppy), meow (kitty), neigh (horse), hoo (owl), hiss (snake), buzz (bee), oh oh oh (monkey- she wiggles back and forth when she does that one, Daddy's favorite!), and if you ask what a mouse says, she'll tell you, "cheese." She also makes a cute little fishy face. Mommy and Daddy LOVE the animal noises, they're so cute!

As Little A's vocabulary has grown , there have also been fewer temper tantrums. Last week Little A started saying, "need help." I think it was her favorite phrase last week. This week she's big on counting. She counts, "two, four, five, six, eight."
She absolutely loves books. She is constantly bringing E and I books to read to her. She especially loves, I'm a Big Sister, right now. She loves to point out the baby, and points the mommy folding clothes and says, "help." She's still a tall girl for her age. At her 18 month check up she was 34.25 inches tall, which puts her in the 98th percentile. She weighed 24 lbs, 14 oz, which puts her at the 59th percentile (but is a lot for me to carry around some days with this big belly).

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