Thursday, June 9, 2011

Deck Project Complete

Warm weather has finally arrived in Minnesota! And there's nothing better than spending some warm evenings outside on your own deck.

When we first started looking for a house (4 years ago... crazy!), E and I wanted to have a deck on the house, or the space to build one and last summer E built one for us! He did such a great job! Little A and I helped a little, screwing in all of the floorboards, but E ended up doing most of the work on his own.

Over the winter we turned windows in our kitchen into a patio door, so now we can walk right out. Plus the door lets in so much more light, and really brightens up our whole house. Here is a before and after shot of the window to door transformation.
Staining the deck was suposed to be the part where I would do most of the work. But because of some bad weather (and because my husband is so sweet), E stayed home last weekend and got the job done! Doesn't it look nice?We made the deck nice and big so we have room for a table, a sitting area and an area for Little A to play. She thinks the deck is the greatest part of the house.Here's my favorite part of the deck. This was totally E's idea too. He added a gate near the steps so we can keep the little one contained. It is so helpful when I need to run in the house quickly, or water part of the yard. I can still see Little A, but she can't escape (at least not until she masters the latch).

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