Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Little Bunny

For Little A's first Easter last year, she was too little to do much. She was still a tiny newborn, so I don't think we even left the house. This year was a much more exciting.

On Easter morning, we got up and ready for church. Before we left, we made a quick stop by our neighbors' house, because they had an Easter basket for Little A (thanks B & B!). There was a fuzzy white bunny inside, and she has been snuggling her bunny ever since (there was also a chocolate bunny, which Mommy was willing to help with).

Easter was one of the few nice days we had in April, so we walked to church and back. When we got home, I couldn't resist getting a few pictures of Little A in her bunny ears. I call her bunny all the time, so I thought it was very fitting.

While Little A took her afternoon nap, E and I hid the eggs that the three of us died the night before. When she woke up, Little A was very excited to go on her first Easter egg hunt, however she thought the eggs we're balls. Every time she saw an egg, she would yell, "ball!" (which really comes up more like, "ba!" She picked up her first egg, and put it right in her basket. The only problem was that because Little A thought the eggs were balls, she would pick them up, and then start crawling with the egg in her hand, causing the egg to crack. She looked very confused every time it happened.
The whole day was a lot of fun, but E and I were both surprised by how "old" she was acting. She really is growing up fast!

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    i love that she GETS the idea of the hunt already!!

    I cant wait to see you guys again! I miss you all!!