Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We went on a family date night to the Minnesota Children's Museum last Saturday night. I used to volunteer there when I was in college, so I was really excited for Baby A to be mobile so we could take her. They have a special area just for the under 4 crowd, and Baby A just loved it, especially the noise makers, like the bells!

She was also pretty excited about the big blocks. She just can't let any blocks be stacked on top of each other. Even two high is too high for her.

The bridge was a little wobbly for Baby A, so she had to hug Daddy for balance. Such a sweet couple!

We started a family membership for the year, so I imagine we'll be back again soon. I'm going a little stir crazy after 123 days of snow cover, with a few feet still on the ground in our backyard. The museum will be a great escape on the wet spring and summer days!

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