Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Christmas

Annabelle's first Christmas was so much fun! We traveled to visit E's family the weekend before Christmas, and then spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day with my family. Baby A was thoroughly spoiled during our travels, and then again when we returned home the day after Christmas.

She had a lot of fun opening presents. She loved the wrapping paper so much, and some of the gifts were so exciting that it was hard to get her to open anything else (like her baby from Nana and Papa).

Her little feet have to help with everything. They are constantly kicking!

It was a little hard to keep ourselves under control when it came to shopping for Baby A. Daddy did help pack her stocking pretty full, and we got her a few other gifts. Her main gift was a wooden rainbow stacker from little sapling toys. She loves to knock down the pieces when we stack them, and chew on the different layers. So far it's been a big hit, and I think it's something that can grow with her for many years.

So, our first Christmas as a family of three was certainly a success. We are so thankful for all of the gifts we received, especially for Baby A from our families. Baby A has had so much fun playing with them this past month and a half!

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