Sunday, February 6, 2011

10 Months

My big baby girl is not 10 months old! Just a couple days before turning 10 months, she got her first real cold. It was so sad to see her sick. She had a really high fever and a runny nose. So we had a few days of snuggling and rocking together to help her feel better. Even after the fever went away, we could tell she just wasn't feeling like herself. She was a much more mellow, cuddly baby girl.
Even sick, she still helped Mommy and posed for a few pictures. She showed off her favorite tricks, clapping and waving. E and I think both are absolutely adorable! Baby A figured out how to crawl backwards, and generally move herself around, but she's not crawling forward yet. She's pulled herself up on a few things, but it's not something she does regularly. One thing she does do, and LOVES to do, is kick her legs, pounding her little heels in the ground. I can't believe it doesn't hurt!

We took Baby A in to the doctor when her temp was so high, and she was just about 20 pounds (which means we have to figure out the next car seat soon... any suggestions are welcome!). She's in a wide variety of sizes, but primarily 6-12 month and 12 month clothes. There are still some smaller sizes of onsies and jammies that she wears from time to time.
This month, Baby A has been eating a lot more. She still loves squash and applesauce, and really likes yogurt. I've been buying yobaby 3-in-1 yogurts mixed with fruit and veggies to trick her into eating some of the veggies she doesn't like so much (like sweet potatoes and green beans). She's also getting a lot better at feeding herself. She loves cheerios and any crackers.

Baby A also went on her first plane ride and big vacation to Anthem, Arizona this month (more on that to come).


  1. What a cutie, I love her little tights (and the red ones in the prev. post. :)

  2. the most beautiful baby in the world.