Monday, May 17, 2010


There is no time of the week that I am more thankful to still be home with Baby A than Monday mornings. Our weekends are busy! We've only had one or two weekends that we haven't had visitors since Baby A was born, and those weekends there is plenty to get done. It is so nice to have relaxing Mondays at home with Baby A insteado of waking up and rushing around to get to work.

The sunshine and warm weather finally returned on Friday, after a week of rain, wind and cold. I was so happy to be able to get outside for walks all weekend. I also spent a few hours outside on Saturday weeding the flower beds in the front yard. This week sometime I need to get our garden and window boxes planted. Good thing the weatherman says it should be in the high 70s all week!

Sunday my dad and family came up for a visit. Grandpa R is quite smitten with his little granddaughter. It is very hard to get him to share her when he comes to visit. And because Grandpa R had to drive the whole way up here, he was pretty tired, so he and Baby A took a sweet nap together.

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