Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bison of the Jungle

My very favorite animal is the bison*. Bison have become my favorite animal because E and I used to see a lot of bison when we first started dating. E's hometown has a herd at the state park where we used to go camping when I'd visit him in the summer, and our first big trip together was a week in the Black Hills of South Dakota**.

While we were on our trip, E bought me a stuffed bison which I sleep with most nights. E used Bison when he proposed, and Bison later became the ring pillow at our wedding.

So of course, when I found out about BGS, I decided she needed a bison of her own. Luckily I had a little stuffed bison that I had bought as a gift for one of E's nieces that I had not quite gotten to her yet. So he became Baby's First Bison. E teases me that bison don't live in the jungle (the theme for our nursery- pictures coming soon), but I say this one does. And I can't wait to see BGS playing with her own little guy!

*My second favorite animal is the sloth, also found in baby's nursery :)

**Since that time, our trips have gotten a little more exciting

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  1. baby Bison is so cute :)

    BGS is one lucky little lady.