Tuesday, March 2, 2010

35 and 36 Weeks

This post is a little late, but better late than never. Weeks 35 and 36 went well overall. I have a few weird things going on, but the doctor says they're normal. Besides BGS loving to kick me in the ribs and gal bladder, there is an area at the top of my belly that gets a numb feeling throughout the day. The doctor said he's not sure why, but he hears about that problem fairly frequently. At my 36 week appointment (which I may or may not have gone to on the wrong day) I had my iron levels checked, and they were a little low, so I'm taking an iron supplement now. That is helping me feel much less lightheaded. I wish I had figured it out sooner. Teaching while lightheaded is not fun.

E and I spent our Valentine's Day weekend in childbirth class. I left the classes both more and less concerned about the arrival of baby. I feel better because I have a better idea of what will happen once I get to the hospital, and we got to tour the facilities, but at the same time, the delievery part is scary. Ah! I was extremely thankful that due to some kind of technical issue, the videos were all in black and white. For some reason that made them much easier to handle for me. On a side note, I was very confused by why the women in the videos all seemed to have their MILs in the room for delivery. That is NOT part of my plan.

Here is a shot of me at 35 weeks (I missed 36 weeks...oops).


  1. i cant believe how soon BGS is going to be here! I wish i could just hop on over to STPaul and spend some good pre-baby girl time with you! i miss you something FIERCE (and love the 3 of you BUNCHES!)


  2. You look amazing, Danielle! How are you feeling? Also, Chad and I are also on board with you. MIL is not part of the plan, either. :) So happy for you!!