Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Baby #4: 36 Weeks

Wow! There's less than a month to go to my due date. How in the world did that happen?! I'm feeling a mix of totally ready for baby girl to join us, and totally not ready for baby girl to join us.

I'm really trying to enjoy all the little baby movements I am feeling. With just about a month left of being pregnant, I want to remember how cool it is to feel baby wiggling on the inside. I especially love baby hiccups. Such a strange feeling. I'm also trying to love my big pregnant belly, because I know my belly two months from now will not be nearly as cute (ha!).

I'm feeling okay now, but so, so tired. I'm tired all day, but have trouble getting comfortable enough at night to actually sleep. Lady C has also been waking up earlier, which is not helpful. We had two weeks of sickness go through the house (fevers, strep and pink eye... grrrr), but we're all healthy now, and hopefully we're done being sick for awhile! Besides being tired, I've been dealing with heartburn, varicose veins, swelling in my right leg and serious lower back pain. I'm really ready to be able to move around like a normal person again. I'm trying to embrace this last month with the belly, but it does make moving around a lot harder.

Late last month we took away Lady C's pacifier and last weekend we moved her to Miss A's room in the bunk bed, both big transitions for the current baby of our family, and not the easiest transitions either. I knew last weekend was the start of Daylight Savings but didn't consider it when making the bed switch for Lady C. Probably not my best decision. We're on day 3 in the big girl bed and things are going okay. I've been treating myself to ice cream after she's asleep since wine is not an option. Ha! On the to do list this week: stock up on newborn diapers, wash the newborn clothes and get the car seat cleaned up. After that I will hopefully feel much more ready for baby's arrival. And if we happen to decide on a name, even better (though I find that unlikely with our track record).

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