Monday, September 21, 2015

Up, Up and Away!

There are so many posts sitting in my drafts folder. Oops! Let's get some of these published. We'll start with Baby C's first birthday party, because parties are lots of fun! 

We decided on a hot air balloon theme for Baby C's first birthday. Mostly because I wanted an excuse to make a little "hot air balloon" and put a baby in a basket. Adorable!

A first birthday at our house wouldn't be complete without a monthly picture birthday banner (or three). 

Add some mason jar hot air balloons.

And one chocolate chocolate cake for the birthday girl and cupcakes for her guests and we were set for a pretty low key party with family and friends.

I also set up a little hot air balloon project for the little guests, and a few bigger guests too.

Baby C's masterpiece that she made in advance.

We had a beautiful (if kind of hot) day for the party. Yay for a summer birthday! The kids all had fun running around the back yard and the grown ups hung out on the deck. 

Now for the best part, the cake! I didn't let Miss A or Little J have much for sweets before they turned one and on their first birthday they didn't have too much interest in their cake. Catherine, on the other hand, has gotten more than a few sweet bites during her first year and I think it shows by her interest in her cake. She was pretty serious when it came to cake time (probably because I had to wake her up from a little nap to eat... the other kids were getting a little restless), but she sure did love the cake!

I love this dive right in to the cake!

It was a fun day celebrating our sweet girl with family and friends! Happy birthday sweet 1 year old. I suppose I should stop calling you baby soon.


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