Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

These girls are so lucky. They have an amazing daddy. He snuggles them first thing in the morning (or sneaks a kiss on their cheeks if he has to leave for work) and checks on them just before he goes to be every night. He takes them on adventures big and small. He introduces them to new things (and new foods his wife wouldn't dream of trying). He has learned all the ponies, princesses and seen more Tinkerbell shows than he'd care to admit. He plays rough and squirts ketchup right in their mouths.

There is a mad rush to give him the first hug when he gets home from work. He's the first choice to share a blankie with on movie night and the prince they want to marry when they grow up. He's always there when they need him. He's the best.

Happy Father's Day!

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