Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Feeling Thankful

Wow... where did November go? And the start of December for that matter? I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've posted. November was a crazy month. E had a really busy start to November, Baby C's sleep was ridiculous and Little J turned 3. So many updates to get to. But first I have to share our November thankfulness project. 

The start of our thankful tree
In the craziness that was our November we took time to talk about what each of us was thankful for each night. I put up a construction paper tree on our sliding door, and as each family member said what they were thankful for, I would add that to a dot and add the dot to our tree. I really enjoyed spending this time together every day, and the girls continue to talk about the things they're thankful for even though we've stopped adding to our tree. Every night Little J would say, "I am thank you for..." Miss A picked it up by the end of the month.

Our finished tree
A sampling of things from our tree...
  • dance parties
  • milk & cups (Little J)
  • warm house
  • Little J, my best friend (Miss A)
  • Christmas
  • pictures
  • dessert
  • squeeze hugs 
  • healthy kids
  • friends
  • time at home together
  • kitties
  • family
  • grandmas & grandpas
  • friends
  • memories
  • God 
  • our church
  • birthday celebrations
  • our neighborhood
  • Como Lake
  • Miss A's teachers
  • the blue sky
  • fun & our house
  • YMCA
  • Netflix
  • Little J's smile when I give her hugs
  • morning snuggles with Miss A
  • that I can play & learn at preschool (Miss A)
  • the color purple
  • birthdays & birds that sing
  • long weekends
  • blankie
  • to be able to run & play
  • ice cream
  • that I can feed the baby
  • Daddy-daughter days

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