Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Crafts

This fall I've been trying to do some crafts with the girls (mostly Little A) in the afternoon and on weekends.  Little A does a lot at day care, but I like to do some things with her too. 
Leaf Collage
The leaf collage took a few days, and Little A had fun working on her project.  First, we went for a walk to collect leaves from around our neighborhood.  When we got home, we put the leaves between the pages of books so they would be really flat.  A few days later, we took the leaves out and Little A arranged her favorite leaves on contact paper.  I folded the contact paper, with paper on, in half, then pulled the paper backing off one side.  When she was finished, I took the rest of the paper backing off, and pressed it on top of her leaves.  I hung her collage up on our sliding glass door.  It looks really cool when the sun shines on it!
Little A really loves any project that involves glue, so this was a big hit.  I drew trees on a piece of paper and cut tissue paper into small square.  I picked a mix of what I considered "fall" colors, and gave Little A the glue.  She insisted that she needed purple leaves, so we added some purple leaves too.  She made a bunch of trees to send to family. 

Paper Plate Pumpkins
Little A and Baby J both did this project, but I couldn't get any pictures of Baby J because I was busy keeping the paint brush out of her mouth.  This was a project from Momma's Fun World via Pinterest.

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