Thursday, November 25, 2010

8 Months

8 months old and Baby A had her first Thanksgiving and her first little cold. We still managed to coax a few smiles for her 8 month pictures.

Baby A has been in to everything within reach this month. She is especially fond of electronics (E's blackberry, my ipod, the remote control). Her favorite toys are a set of wooden blocks (especially the Q block). Apparently they are quite tasty, because they're always in her mouth.

When Baby A gets excited now she kicks her legs like crazy. She gets very upset if E or I walk through a room without giving her some attention. When I pick her up from day care now she dives at me and slobbers all over my face. She gets E when he gets home from work too. Daddy is fun to play rough with. E tosses her up in the air, and she loves it. Sometime she kicks her legs out when she's in the air.

Baby A is about 19 lbs now! That explains why the car seat is getting so much harder to carry. Clothes are a little weird right now. Most 9 and 6-12 month pants are a little short, but the 12 month pants are too big overall. Some long sleeve onesies are a little short in the arms too. So, we're dressing Baby A in a lot of dresses with tights.

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  1. kicking her legs out when Daddy tosses her in the air? I see a future flyer right there!