Tuesday, August 10, 2010

North Shore Weekend

Friday morning, E called from work to share some good news about a case he was working on. Then about half an hour later he called with more, better good news about another case. The good news he got Friday cleared a lot of his schedule for the rest of the summer and fall.

So we decided to pack up the car and head up north for a weekend. We didn't have any plans, except to stop at state parks along the way looking for a place to stay. We lucked out and found one at the first park.

I was a little nervous that camping with Baby A would be difficult, but things for the most part went well (we had a rough patch during quiet time Sunday night, but we got through it without making any campground enemies). We hiked for many miles (and climbed many, many steps), saw some beautiful waterfalls, ate lots of tasty smores and dipped Baby A's toes in Lake Superior.

Overall, it was a lovely weekend along the North Shore. It was in the 90s at home, so the cool breeze from the lake was much appreciated.

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